The So Pure Sophie the Giraffe by Vulli and 2012 Sophie The Giraffe Recall

Sophie the Giraffe Recall?

It’s October 2012 and we’re getting close to Christmas and the holiday season.  I still can’t believe how many emails and comments we receive about the Sophie the giraffe recall from back in 2010.  Sophie is manufactured by Vulli, a French company who’s main product is

A New Sophie The Giraffe Teether?

Sophie, but makes other teething toys like Chan Pie Gnon, made of the same rubber (that Sophies made of).   As mentioned in an earlier post, one of the newer products from Vulli to hit the market, and a follow up to the world wide success of Sophie the Giraffe Teether, is the Vanilla So Pure.  The reviews show that people are absolutely in love with the “new Sophie”  Some of the things they’re saying about it is:so pure vanilla teether by vulli

  • they love the new smaller size of Sophie.  Measuring at just 4.7″ tall, and weighing less then 1 lbs, it’s smaller and lighter then the previous version
  • they love the texture.  The bumps on the handle and head, and the “velvety skin, all certain to keep baby entertained.
  • The two handles make it easy for babies to grab and hold
  • and one of the most common point that they made was the little strip along the bottom that close up the little gaps between Sophie’s legs.  The original version of Sophie the Giraffe teether had a few parents concerned with the length of her legs, plus the fact that babies were able to put those legs into their mouths.  Well they’ve now solved that issue by putting the strip along the bottom and connecting all 4 of her legs to it.

To view more 5 star reviews click here

If you’ve come here looking for information on the Sophie The Giraffe Recall, please read my previous post.

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