Sophie The Giraffe the Most Popular Teether In the World Recall?

So who is Sophie and how did we get to this point?  Surely by now you’ve heard of Sophie the Giraffe teether.  The 7″ natural rubber giraffe who was born in France, over 65 years.  Her claim to fame is of course the natural hevea rubber material from which she is made, as well as the fact that she stimulates the senses of teething babies.  The bumps along Sophie’s neck, and the ears atop her head are perfect for baby’s sense of touch, the squeak is heard by baby’s sense of sound, and the natural rubber has a mild taste for baby’s sense of taste and smell.

At present time, Sophie is the number 1 selling baby toy on with a 4 out of 5 star rating, and over 1700 reviews.  Sophie outranks the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, and a nasal aspirator that goes by the name of “the Snotsucker“!  Moms and caregivers across America are raving about this little natural rubber toy that makes babies squeal when they hear the squeek coming from the back.

It wasn’t always good times though for Sophie.  A few years ago, a rumor made its way around the internet saying that Sophie The Giraffe had been recalled by Toys R Us in Canada because of choking hazards that it presented.  Toys R Us promptly removed Sophie from their shelves.  This was just a precaution taken by them, while Sophie was being looked into. As far as reports go, there was never a recall issued in Canada, nor was there a recall issued in America.  A short time later, they realized they had over reacted and began stocking their shelves again with the squeak toy that brings joy to the ones who touch her!  Toys R Us as well as are presently selling Sophie, and sales have never looked better, and babies have never been happier!!!

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