Sophie The Giraffe Recall

I keep getting a lot of emails regarding the Sophie the Giraffe Teether Recall, and there’s now a SAFE ALTERNATIVE (continue reading, or skip to the bottom). It’s 2011 and almost 2012 and people are still buzzing about the recall, or misinformation about the recall of Sophie the Giraffe baby toy teether of a few years ago that never actually happened. They ask me questions like “is Sophie the Giraffe Teether safe for my baby even though there was a recall”, “where was the Sophie the Giraffe Teether recall, and has it been lifted”, “was there a recall on Sophie the Giraffe Teether in 2011 and does it extend to 2012?”, well the simple answer to all those questions is:

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There was no Recall of Sophie the Giraffe Teether, now or before. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the hype of the Sophie recall was created on the internet, after a choking indecent occurred where an infant choked (was never harmed), and Toys R Us temporarily took Sophie off on their shelves in Canada. There was never a recall by the Canadian or American governments. Still parents are concerned, and rightfully so, about letting their little ones play with Sophie the Giraffe teether. It’s my personal opinion that an infant should never be left alone with any toy, or teether, but I digress.

So it’s now December 2011, and 2012 is almost upon us, and what does Vulli have in store for us? They’ve released (to great reviews) a newer, safer Sophie the giraffe teether, for younger children, and for parents who are concerned about the possible choking hazard of the original Sophie the Giraffe teether. It’s called (now brace yourself) The Sophie the Giraffe Vanilla Teether Ring! It’s smaller, and lighter then the original, and has a prominent “S” through it. The bottom half of the “S” closes the gaps between Sophie’s legs, making it virtually impossible for a young child to put her legs in their little mouths. The sides of the “S” provide the child handles they can easily grip, and hold on to Sophie with. The rings have different textured surfaces for the baby to enjoy, 1 surface for erupting teeth and the second raised bump surface for soothing gums. We will be doing our official review of the new teether ring, join our facebook page and be notified when it’s posted!

The new Sophie The Giraffe teether ring can be purchased in time at

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