Sophie The Giraffe recall 2014

sophie recall 2014It’s 2014, and once again the old “sophie the giraffe teether is being recalled” rears its ugly head.  Once again, on forums, facebook pages, emails, twitter and even reddit we’re reminded of the Sophie the giraffe teether recall that, as usual, has never existed.  This one’s thanks to a German consulting company (Adler Consulting).  Here is their claim (translated to english by Google):

“During the last months we have for fast and comfortable handling of the commodity exchange by Sophie la Giraffe and other products from natural rubber manufacturer Vulli SAS provide. Once on that project objectives have been achieved, this voluntary product recall ends on 30/04/2013. Please send us any Sophie that reach us after this date, because we can make any more return on 30.04.2013 addition.”

Once again a statement was released by Calisson Inc, to reinforce their stance on the sophie the giraffe teether recall in 2014.  Here is the statement as published on reddit:

“Thank you for your recent inquiry about Sophie la Giraffe. Calisson Inc. is the exclusive US distributor of Sophie and proud to say that Sophie is one of the most popular teething toys on the market today. Sophie has been manufactured and distributed by Vulli of France worldwide for over 50 years with the highest standards of safety for children. Contrary to Internet rumors there has never been a recall of Sophie in the US, Canada or Europe (including Germany). A recall in the US can only be conducted through the Federal Consumer Protection Safety Committee (CPSC), and again none exists. Please rest assured that Sophie meets and exceeds all US and European safety standards for its intended use.”

It is our belief that these rumors about Sophie the Giraffe Teether, are just that…..Rumors.  If you’re going to purchase a Sophie, please buy from a reputable company like or any other company you think you can trust.

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