Looking for a Safe Teething Toy For Infants

Safe Teething Toys for InfantsSafety above all else is one of the main concerns we, as parents worry about.  The last thing we want is to give our little ones something that would put them in harms way.  Now that they’re teething, and putting everything in their mouths, we need to find them a teething toy that’s safe for them, and gives us piece of mind.  In walk the new So’Pure Vanilla Teether by Vulli.  It’s smaller then the original Sophie, it’s got little round handles on the side, for your little one to grip easily, and a little bar on the bottom, so baby can’t put Sophie’s individual legs in their mouth like the original Sophie.  The So’Pure Vanilla Teether is made of 100% Natural Rubber (phthalates Free) and food paint.  It has a variety of different textures which are perfect for soothing baby’s sore and painful gums.

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