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Is Sophie The Giraffe Teether Safe For My Baby

We get a lot of questions asking if Sophie The Giraffe Teether is safe for their kids.¬† In one word….YES!!

  • Sophie the Giraffe Teether has been around since 1961, and since then there has never been a safety recall.
  • Sophie’s lightweight & easy to grasp meaning baby doesn’t have a problem getting it’s little hands around her.
  • Sophie the Giraffe teether is painted with non-toxic, food-grade paints unlike baby toys from china which are painted with lead based paints that we all know are not safe at all for your baby.
  • Sophie the giraffe teether is made from natural rubber, so it’s soft, safe and non-toxic when it’s put into baby’s mouth to teethe and chew

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How can I tell if my baby is teething?

Besides the trademark drool and crankiness, try the gum-massage test. (Babies are more likely to accept a finger probing into their mouth than to allow a look.) Run your finger along the front edges of the gums, and you will feel swollen ridges of preteething gums. It is sometimes difficult to tell if a baby is teething because the amount of teething discomfort varies considerably among babies. Some are steady, once-a-month teethers; many teethe in bursts and pauses, where suddenly baby has a miserable week and you feel four swollen ridges along the gum line. Expect the most discomfort when many teeth come through at once. Some babies experience exquisite pain and swelling during molar teething. If allowed to look, you may notice a mound of swollen tissue around a budding tooth. Don’t be alarmed if you notice a mushy blue blister above an erupting tooth. This is actually a collection of blood beneath the superficial layer of gum tissue. These painful swellings are best treated by cool compresses (for example, popsicles), which soothe the swelling.

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When should we expect our baby’s teeth to appear?

When teeth first appear is as unexpected as the timing of baby’s first steps, but in general, expect the first sharp nubbin around six months; some babies teethe earlier, some later. Heredity plays a part. If you check your own baby book, if grandmother was a tooth-record keeper, your baby’s teething schedule may resemble yours.

Actually, babies are born with a full set of twenty primary teeth. They are just buried in the gums, waiting in line for their time to sprout. Teeth push through in upper and lower pairs, usually the lower appear before their upper gum mates, and girls teethe slightly earlier than boys. The “rule of fours” is how teeth usually appear. Beginning around six months expect four new teeth every four months until complete, usually by two-and-a-half years. Teeth come through gums at unusual angles. Some come out straight, other first appear crooked but straighten as they twist their way through. Don’t fret about spaces. It’s easier to clean between spaced teeth, and the spacing of baby teeth does not necessarily reflect how the permanent teeth will appear.

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