Baby Teethers Not Made In China

Ever since large companies began manufacturing a majority of their products in China, there have always been a concern over safety.  We’ve all heard the reports in the news about baby products being recalled due a variety of safety, such as lead paint, poor workmanship, and small parts coming loose.  So which baby teethers are not made in China?  It’s actually becoming a very common question.  I’m getting a lot of parents  asking me which baby teethers are NOT made in China, so that they can have a little piece of mind when having their baby’s put these toys in their mouths.

The one baby teether not made in China, is a cute little giraffe name Sophie.  You may have heard of her, you may not have, but rest assured she is one baby teether that is NOT made in China.  She is in fact made in France, and she’s been around for 50 years.  Sophie the giraffe teether is not only NOT made in China, but she is safe on all accounts.  Unlike other teethers, Sophie is made of natural rubber, and food paint, and is Phthalates and BPA free. It’s been the #1 seller on for over 115 weeks (800+ days).  Rest assured the Sophie the giraffe teethers sold by amazon are made in France and not made in China.  Hurry and buy now from Amazon and save over 28%, by clicking HERE

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